DIY Blackbird Fly 24 x 36 Film Mask


My first analogue camera was the Blackbird Fly. I bought it from a person and not from a shop. It was used and most important is, I only got the camera

Last two years, I met this inspired person at that time he was exhibiting his own Lomo walls at the cafe where I am studying right now. His name is Mohd Kamarul Azri. I was so amazed with his Lomo wall and I had a conversation with him. After that, I decided to buy my own camera that is Blackbird Fly. Unfortunately, as I bought it used I only got the camera without any accessories such as a lens cap and film masks. Thank god it has strap on it. At first, I loved the sprocket holes in the pictures taken with this camera but for sprocket scanning, it costs more than normal scanning. (Normal – RM 5 Sprocket- RM8) Its quite an amount of money for that kind of scanning. I have tried googling it to find the mask but most of the sellers don’t want to sell that thing by itself. If i want that mask, I have to buy all the items offered including the camera itself. So I decided to make my own 24×36mm mask . I successfully made it !!


  • Cardboard
  • Super hard glue


  • Craft knife or any very sharp knife
  • Ruler

First, measure the distance between desired bound of exposure to the wall inside the frame of that camera and cut it right. Also measure the distance between the bottoms of the film mask space to the film plane. So there will be 2 of them. Glue them together at the angle of 90 degrees and let it dry. After it had strongly attached to each other, place it on your Blackbird Fly camera and start shooting !!

And this is normal shot (without any film mask):

It saves my cost of scanning film although I sacrifice the wonder of the sprocket holes.

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