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2013-02-05 2

This is a review about the new film Lomography X-pro Sunset Strip 100

As from my previous article about slide film, I have said that I’m afraid of using slide film due to being scared of overexposing it. But then, I braved myself to buy the Lomography x-pro Sunset Strip 100. I tested the film right away when it arrived. I do shots rated as iso 100 as my friend told me to shoot at the box speed. I’m using my FED 5 to test the film. Some shots I shot at iso 400 and 200. It is to differentiate the exposure. Most of the shots came out great and I didn’t expect the results. Sunset strip have special yellowish layer on the centre of the film but not on the sprocket holes. Here are some of the great results:

Here are some test shot with different iso (sunny):

ISO 200
ISO 100
ISO 50

My findings, this film needs to be underexposed a bit for about 1 or a half stop. And for indoors, shoot as box speed so you won’t get any miserable shots. haha

Here are some test shot in an open shade:

ISO 50
ISO 100
ISO 200

For indoor or open shade, the higher the ISO, the darker the tone of the images produced. Contrast will also slightly increase as you increase the ISO. You can see the difference between the lights on the floor decreasing as you increase the speed of the film.

My conclusion;

  • Sunny day shot as ISO 200
  • Indoor or open shade shot as box speed that is ISO 100

Overall, this film gave me forgivable shots for a slide film. I love the special layer that makes the photo look vintage and sometimes looks like a redscale film. Thanks to Lomography for producing this wonderful film.

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great review! Never tried this film :D

  2. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    Come try it. I bet u will not worry about overexposing it when used with toycam esp UWS..he he

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