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Can’t choose between Chinese or Spanish? You can get the best of both worlds with Indonesian. If you’re ready for a foodie adventure, prepare to dive head first into Indonesia’s finger-licking creations.

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Indonesia is known for its sandy white beaches and clear blue skies. Not to mention, they have the world’s second largest shoreline. However, most people can agree that its strong point is, in fact, its cuisine. Indonesia has a history of foreign culinary influences in their back pocket – creating an assortment of flavours and tastes between the multitudes of islands.

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Popular dishes infuse Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, European, Spanish and Portuguese flavours into one exceptional plate. Every island draws from different influences, creating many versions of simple dishes between the various regions. Here are some of the yummy foods the country has to offer…

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For starters, you can enjoy a light breakfast of gado-gado before heading out to venture through the archipelago. Gado-gado is a light vegetable salad tossed with potatoes, eggs, bean sprouts, tempeh, and tofu, topped off with Indonesia’s classic sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Not only is this breakfast filling, it’s also easy on the wallet. You can easily add some extra protein with a side of pan fried eggs.

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After walking around the city streets, you’ll want to recharge with a hearty lunch. We recommend the ayam goreng, which is fried free range chicken in a crisp garlic panko. Ayam Goreng Nyone Suharti in Yogykarta is rumoured to have the best ayam goreng in the entire country.

Or perhaps you could dive into a plate of bakmie goreng, which is fried noodles with egg, meat, and vegetables, served on a pillow of rice. A perfect source of carbs to leave you energized for the rest of your Indonesian adventure.

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Looking for a quick snack? Try a local classic! A street vendor might be the easiest and most affordable choice to satisfy your rumblies. Just look out for the smokey street cart right around the corner.

A popular choice would be satay. It’s a turmeric chicken, goat, lamb or rabbit shishkabob that’s roasted and generously slathered with peanut sauce. Some street carts even offer a bakso – a budget-friendly meatball and wonton noodle soup. It’s sort of the Indonesian equivalent to your local hot dog stand.

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For dinner they have a special pancake that can be served as both dessert and the main course. This culinary innovation is the martabak. The savoury martabak consists of fried egg and minced meats folded into a crispy thin pastry. The sweeter alternative is sort of a chocolate, peanut, and cheese pancake taco.

I would suggest getting one of each to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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If you’re still craving more local delicacies look out for some tahu gejrot. They’re soft tofu bricks that are deep-fried to create a crunchy outer layer.

The Indonesians have a knack for mixing opposite textures and flavours into one delicious snack! Tahu gehrjot should be enjoyed with sweetened soy sauce and chili sauce.

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These are our recommendations for your stay in Indonesia! If you find that these don’t suit your taste, the country has a ton of other delicious local delicacies for you to explore. Just hop onto another island and try a different take of gado-gado. And be sure to share pictures of your delicious eats on your LomoHome! Enjoy!

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