Panbos Pretty Little Forest near The Beach


Near the coast of Katwijk lies a pretty little forest, ideal for lazy afternoons by yourself or with the whole family.

The Pan van Persijn usually called Panbos by locals, was my play field during my youth. Years later it still hasn’t lost it magic. The forest is great for walking or playing. It has dears, goats and ducks and lots of playing facilities for children. Kick back and relax on the grassy spots or enjoy the beautiful walking paths. It even has a workout track for the more active visitor. Its also possible to reach the beach with a walk through the dunes. So you have forest, dunes and beach all combined in a small area!

When I was little I used to go to Panbos all the time. Hanging upside down trees, build fords from broken branches, chaise the goats around the pen. When I went back recently all those warm memories come back up. Panbos really is a great place to hang out wherever you are by yourself and all grown up or with the whole family.

Panbos is a small forest in Katwijk, The Netherlands. You’ll cover most of it within an hour but there are lots of activities to do. From beautiful walking paths, deer parks and goat pens to an exercise course. There’s something for everyone. And if you in need for a change, equally gorgeous walking paths trough the dunes take you right out of the forest to the nearby coastline or kick back with some pancakes at the local pancake house or create a family picnic on the grassy plain.

They charge a tiny fee (1,10 euro) for adults but kids can go in for free.

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    The Fisheye together with the B/W is a good combination!

  2. stouf
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    Sweet !

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