My 5 Analog Resolutions for 2013


A fresh start awaits me as the month of January came underway, providing a great period to put some goals and changes in place. Lomography, being very much a part of me, is absolutely in that list of goals, so below is my list of goals in writing (meaning I have to do them, hold me on that one).

Here is my list of analog resolutions for me to accomplish this new year.

1. Get some good Holga wet plate shots. Check this video to get an idea about what I want to do. Here are some example shots:

Credits: yankeemiss

Instead of using all the dangerous chemicals involved in the wet plate process I’ll be using Rockland Liquid Light, an enlargement emulsion; a lot safer and vastly easier to use. Also, I plan to maybe shoot a few in my Diana or convert my Polaroids too. I’ll figure it out after getting some good shots out of my Holga.

2. Follow Golden Rule #1

Seriously, it happens to me all the time. I go out for some short uneventful errands and totally end up regretting that I didn’t bring one of my cameras. Don’t take it that I completely don’t follow the Golden Rule; I do and I have ended up with some great stuff. Some examples:

Credits: untroubledartist

3. Go through all my film in cold storage.

I realize I don’t shoot as often as I’d like to. You can see that in my fridge, I have 3 packs of Impossible 600 B&W, 4 packs of 35mm Kodak T-Max, 4 packs of Ilford FP4, 2 packs of random reversal film and a whole bunch of Kodak Gold. I have a freaking collection up in here, and I kind of want to use it all.

4. Get 100% completion on all my photos on Lomography.

I’m at, like, 67% right now, so wish me luck!

5. Be way more active in the Lomo community!

I haven’t written a lot of articles or many locations, so this year, that’s got to change! I want at least 5 more lomo friends and to upload all of my photos. I also want to have a photo of the week and maybe, just maybe, win some contests!

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