My Analogue Resolutions: Capture the World in Analogue


Making a New Year’s resolution is a way to boot strap the year and give yourself a kick in the behind to get started on those things you are putting off.

I am not much for making promises I can’t keep, so I will narrow it down to things I actually think I can pull off this year.

Bring my camera to music festivals

The summer is a great time for festivals, and enjoying awesome music, so why not document it with a nice picture. All it takes is to actually remember to bring the camera, and some film.

Credits: impaktor

Take 1000 pictures on road trip to USA

This should be an easy one. This year, I will pop by Las Vegas and L.A. and I hope to have my camera handy, without looking too much like an easy tourist-target for thieves.

Credits: reverte, weedos & flashback
Credits: grazie

Spend more time in nature

Mother Earth calls us all, and it’s time to heed her call, and spend some more time with her.

Credits: novakmisi, kleeblatt & ohpleasedontgo

Buy and use more film!

I need to buy some more medium format film, since my last roll ran out more than six months ago. Shame on me.

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