Lomography in the latest issue of German 'Stern' magazine!


‘A plea for more passion, laxity, adventure and emotion.’ — This really sounds like Lomography!

This fabulous and quite informative article in the latest issue of ‘Stern’ mainly discusses the urge for ultimate control and rational predictions, just as the accompanying, increasing neglection of ‘our gut feeling’.

It says, ‘people have conditioned themselves to follow their wit instead of their instincts. To trust the plan, but not the impetus’; the extremely detailed article portrays diverse and various facets of life and despite all differences and diverging emphasis, they do have one thing in common: they are all marked by social constructed maxims, control and efficiency!

In contrast to the addressed ‘issue of our hectic digital era’ lively snapshots made with Lomography’s SuperSampler are displayed; those lomographs convey the spirit humans should regain along to this article.
Indeed a second enlightenment is mentioned, prompting people to feel, not to think: “Dare to feel!”

Furthermore the ‘impossibility of foreseeing’ is discussed and how important spontaneity is for our lives. “Subconsciously we’re making up to 10,000 spontaneous decisions every day”, says chaos scientist Jeans Braak. “We shouldn’t even try to escape concurrences, as it is quite vain.”

Does not make the impetus, concurrence, uncertainty make Lomography so appealing? The unpredictability of the result, the lack of full control and the ‘aesthetics of failure’ makes Lomography what it is. Nowadays we all look for perfection and avoid failures and mistakes by calculation and planning. These matters become maxims and form the complete contrast to the Lomographic lifestyle.

We are pleased our exemplary photos are shown with the plea for more spontaneity and emotions, embodying the desired spirit quite perfectly.

We truly hope more humans stop to follow the current trend and take more time to deal with their personal needs.

If you want to read the full article, you’ll find it here. You can read it online or make use of the ‘old school, back to the roots’ method and walk to the next kiosk and buy the magazine!

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written by vja on 2013-01-28 #news #lomography #magazin #stern #februar #spontan #januar #analoge-fotografie #2013
translated by wolkers

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