A Lomo Resolution


With a brand new year in tow, most of us have every intention to do something new in our lives for a change or to continue the things that has worked for us the past year. The same way goes to our lomo life. Lomography being a way of life already for most of us, it has become a part of our plans for the up-coming year.

Credits: boobert

For the past year, I realized I wasn’t active or didn’t have more time either hanging out with fellow lomographers and going out for a shoot or going out for a lomowalk. I felt I did more in the previous years. Although I bought a couple of cameras and stash of films, I really did not take advantage of them. I have done test rolls for the new cams but failed to follow up on using them. So now, I am listing a few things that I would want to do or accomplish for this new year.

1. First is to go out more on lomowalks/photo shoots with fellow lomographers from Shutter Revolution. I have joined in the first few walks from early last year but fail to join them in other walks by the last part of the year. It sure is more fun lomowalking the streets of Manila with the people who share your passion. If schedules don’t exactly fit, I would like to shoot more, go to places rarely visited and shoot a few rolls.

Credits: boobert

2. I may not have plans to buy cameras this year but if and when an opportunity comes, I would surely grab it. But for now, I would like to use more the ones that I have bought from last year. There are at least 3 cameras I acquired that I used once or twice but never really have the time to use them again and maximize the potential of each cameras. So, I’m planning to use them all extensively this year.

Photos Using: Lubitel 2, Minox 35GL, Olympus MJU-1

3. Most members of Shutter revolution here in Manila have started shooting more in Black & White and have started developing their own rolls. There were a couple of times where the group discussed and taught B&W developing to some of the members. Sadly, I missed both sessions. So this year, I would like to learn how to develop B&W and don’t just rely on other labs. This means, shooting more B&W rolls.

Credits: boobert

These three new year resolutions would probably occupy much of my time this year and I’m just hoping I could fulfill all three just before the year ends. But what I’m hoping for is just to go out more and shoot more rolls, hang out more with other lomographers compared to last year. I’m pretty sure everyone has his or her resolutions for the year, good luck to all of us. So, there! Here’s to a brand new year. Cheers, everyone!

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