CopyCat Nat #10: kingdjin

2013-01-30 1

Until now, I haven’t been doing much face work with paint. But this time, I tackled it with water colors! Take a look at the tenth edition of my CopyCat series after the jump.

I’ve always been intrigued by the eye. Whether it is the eye of a human, or of a lizard, or of a cat, I am always fascinated by the detail that a small body part can have. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@natalieerachel), you know that I am in a cat/eye phase and have done a couple of cat eyes in Art class.

However, I chose to do a human eye for my series. So I proceeded with my usual method of looking through the Tags in the Photo section. I typed in “eye”…




Then I saw it, a beautiful green eye, the eye of a woman. Or, half of a woman’s face. I loved the angle and crop of the photo, so I decided that this would be the photo.

Credits: kingdjin

After digging through some boxes, I found my paints and brushes and laid everything out on my patio to work. I recently received my Virginia is for Lovers edition La Sardina and was able to use it to document the process of my artwork.

I began with a preliminary skin-colored layer, leaving white spaces for high lights.

Credits: natalieerachel

Followed shadows, and the eye and eyebrow.

Credits: natalieerachel

Finished the piece with a dark background and a few touch ups. And of course, the beauty spots, tada!

Credits: natalieerachel

This is my rendition of kingdjin ’s eye portrait, hope you all like it!

Credits: natalieerachel

So don’t forget to tag your photos, you never know what I’ll decide what to paint next!

Paintings and words by Natalie Fong. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Natalie now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more of the CopyCat Nat series.

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  1. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    Thanks a lot.... really love it! thanks again!

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