Marmalade by Hans Staud’s

If you’re the type who doesn’t fancy baked stuff, you might change your mind by visiting this place!

If you really want to see something special you should go to the Brunnenmarkt on Saturday. HOWEVER, don’t think that I am talking about the market, NO! We know these kind of markets, even though they are nice and stuff, but walk up, pass by at the 24h bakery, get some half meter long bread that just came out of the oven, THEN as you continue, pass by the old ladies coming down from the Waldviertel (a region in lower Austria) and find Hans Staud’s store at the “Yppensquare”. It’s one of the oldest pavilions selling one of the oldest Austrian jams, made by Herr Hans Staud and his family. The jams you can buy there are delicious! Entering the shop reminds you of entering the “Maille”-mustard shop in Paris. The only difference is that up there at the Yppenplatz you’ll find yourself inbetween Arab market stores and all of a sudden you think you are back in the old Austrian emperor’s time! Johanna Staud and Hans Staud themselves still run the store. Wicked!

by Stefanie Sourial

written by fookshit on 2009-11-11 #places #vienna #location #jam #vienna-city-guide #marmalade #city-guide-vienna

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