Silhouette Love

2013-02-01 8

I think silhouettes are familiar to everyone. I personally love to take the silhouettes of tree branches. Silhouette is full of mystery, mood and emotion. I love silhouettes because they do not give a clear picture of the photos for us to create imagination.

Credits: gladys

Mystery, mood and emotion, make our photo full of imagination. Taking silhouette shots definitely is the thing that we want to shoot placed in front of the strong light source. Whereas, if your light source is not strong enough, the silhouette would be dull or the whole image would be under exposed.

Credits: gladys

How? It’s as easy as 123!

First, choose a recognizable shape . Anything can be made into a silhouette, however some are better than others. You can take something that is recognizable shape, this is interesting enough to create attention.

Credits: gladys

Second, throw your flash away. Silhouette wants as little light on the front of your subject possible, so turn off or put your flash aside, no doubt flash will ruin the silhouette.

Credits: gladys

Third, get your light right. Instead of estimated how bright your background you wanna be, sunset and sunrise always the best lighting to shoot silhouette.

Credits: gladys

Silhouette comes on every roll of film, no matter close up or infinity, silhouettes are full imagination and bring out a story. I love silhouette in different shape, subject and style.

Credits: gladys

Let’s enjoy shooting against the light!=)

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    great shots!

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    Epic photos!!

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    beautiful photos!

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    gladys ·

    Thanks, @adi_totp , @kiri-girl , @ovonovo , @emkei =)

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    love it all

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    very nice article! love it!

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