Lomo LC-A: Straight to the Dust-Collecting Storage Bin and Back Again


My romantic story of a love at second sight for the Lomo LC-A.

I’ve had my LC-A for a number of months now. I bought the beauty on a whim. Having a good amount of Piggy Points and a good amount of money saved up, I purged and pounced at my opportunity. However, those first few months were rough. Little use and little action left us as distant strangers. The camera held no true meaning or value to me until I began to read through the book provided.

I intently studied the glorified rules that lomographers were to abide by. The two that really resonated with me were Golden Rule #1: “Take your camera everywhere.” and Golden Rule #3: “Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.” After reading these two ingenious yet simplistic approaches to photography, I figured I’d give it a go.

The following day I grabbed my camera, my 50 cent film, and took to the streets (Mind you, I abandoned my Holga 35mm to make way for the LC-A to carry in my pendleton case. It turned out to be stylish, light and it fit perfectly with a roll of film!!!). The results were astounding. I was inexplicably shocked and amazed at the beauty in the photos I had taken. It was like no other photo I had ever created before. The soft vignettes and deep color contrast oozed from every pour of the photograph. From that day on a lasting bond was created between my LC-A and I. we go everywhere together. We share every moment together. I have no less than true love for my LC-A.

After following Rule #1, I’ve created my own habitual tendency to constantly remember my items before leaving any place: wallet, keys, cell phone, camera. The LC-A has entered my life like no other camera could. It’s become a member of my family, my shopping buddy, my partner in crime, my shotgun rider, my best friend, and my love.

The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

written by thebokeheffect on 2013-02-12 #lifestyle #film #book #35mm #lc-a #camera #love #russian-lens #lomo #lomography #holga #case #analogue-lifestyle #pendleton

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