The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.


Historical and factual information on this building is scarce due to the fact that it is an abandoned factory that is located on an abandoned street. It is a dream location for anyone interested in urban exploration, abandoned factories, and graffiti.

The Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory is an enormous abandoned warehouse that is located on a street that no longer exists. It seems that once the factory was shut down, so was the street. The nearest actual intersection to the building is Rue De Richlieu and Rue Du Collège.

I have tried to research the building and have found very little information on the building, however one website claimed that it was built in 1895, and that was used to manufacture coaches for trains as well as parts of planes and tanks before it closed in 1982.

The abandoned factory is bordered by a highway to the north and an industrial-turned-residential street and neighbourhood to the east, west, and south. Today it acts as an ever-changing canvas featuring graffiti from local as well as visiting artists. The entire inside, outside, and rooftop of the building are all covered with graffiti.

Around the building, you can see giant holes and openings on all sides of the factory including the roof; some are more than 10 feet high and 10 feet wide! Many of the windows are broken, some of which were on the ceiling, which provides some natural light and is great for taking photos.

Walking through any of the opened doors or holes in the wall will lead you to endless amounts of graffiti, rubble, debris, trash, broken glass, littered cans of paint and spraypaint, and sometimes a stranger (use caution!).

There are three massive floors of open space and many different staircases that allow you to move from one floor to the next. There are also several ways to access the roof. You could spend endless hours exploring and photographing this building. It is truly an awe-inspiring and unique escape from the city.

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    This places are great !!!
    Congrats for your location !!!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Waaa !!! So nice ! Super shots ! N°10 is my favourite !

  3. satomi
    satomi ·

    oh, what a perfect place to take pictures!!

  4. lazara
    lazara ·

    great place!

  5. sarahjdes
    sarahjdes ·

    Woah. This is awesome. I need to go roll a film or two there. I'm from Montréal, and had never heard of it. Thanks for the discovery, and I'm translating this in French ASAP, so other French Montrealers can discover it aswell!

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