Experiment with Two Cameras, Two Color Processes, and Mix Coke

2013-02-04 13

It’s the first time I did an experiment. The first time I used the camera Supersampler, I was broken.

Film Agfa vista >(FilmColor+Readscale)
Processed>(CocaCola+vegetable oil)

I also like the lc-w panorama. And when I use the lc-w, I do panorama

This is the first time. I used a Supersampler camera. I want to do multiple exposures with the Supersampler and the LC-Wide camera. So when I used the Supersampler I took a photo with a lot of dark sides so it’s easier to get a photo when I double expose to my LC-Wide camera.

(note: when I used the Supersampler camera, I used film Agfa Vista 200 on its normal side, and then when I used LC-Wide camera the films rolled back so the color is redscale) The most interesting part is the process, after I finished my roll. I put the roll film in boiled coke. And how it works? Let me explain. Hope you all can understand.

I open the canister mouth slightly and put the canister into a bottle filled with coke then shake it off and pour everything into the pan filled with a little boiling water. Wait 15 minutes and then take the canister away. My next process I put the canister in the fridge just a moment and the rinse with clean water (because I think the canister is too hot, so it’s faster to cool the canister) After all that process, this is the important thing put all the slide out from the canister in really really dark room, dry the slide and then roll the slide into the canister again. And this is the result.

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  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    dan bikinnya mesti tengah malam dalam keadaan segar bugar yaa ping? hahahahaha

  3. ryanhelfant
    ryanhelfant ·

    these photos really came out amazing and your process was so interesting!

  4. ping-junior
    ping-junior ·

    yeah thanks for you comments. @ryanhelfant

  5. ping-junior
  6. ping-junior
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    @adi_totp bener pisan harus malem2 di ^______^

  7. vici
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    crazy good!

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    @adi_totp's got the words! :D

  9. adi_totp
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    @istionojr hahahhaa.. tunggu persembahan dari kita!

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  11. pam_
    pam_ ·

    Woooo! I put a kodak in the coke just 2 days ago! Hope to get results as cool as yours!! :D

  12. ping-junior
    ping-junior ·

    I hope to... ^_____^

  13. ping-junior

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