Analogue Travel and Adventure: The Beauty of Mount Gede

2013-01-30 19

When most of everyone’s summer holiday is all about sun and beaches, I went to hike and camp with my friends at Mount Gede. That was my first time to travel as a backpacker, to hike, and to camp. Find out more about my adventure after the jump!

I was so excited when my friends ask me to join their trip to Mount Gede because I have never gone camping before, and I know that being a backpacker is always fun. So, I decided to have an adventure together with them. Of course, I brought my lovely Diana F+ with a Fisheye lens to complete my journey.

Credits: spidey27

Mount Gede is 9,705 ft above the sea level. It is part of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park that is located near the city of Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia. Our journey started from my home town Bandung, where we took a bus to Cianjur at 11.00 PM and arrived at 02.00 AM.

But there was a slight problem. There were no transportation at all at that hour! After we waited for one hour, a truck finally passed by. We asked the driver if we could get a free ride, and luckily, he said YES! After we arrived at the first checkpoint, we took some rest before we started to hike.

Credits: spidey27

At 07.00 AM, we had our breakfast, and checked our equipment once again. At 07.30 AM, we started the hike.

It took about 8 hours to arrive at the second checkpoint, where we were supposed to camp. It’s called Surya Kencana Camp Site. The Surya Kencana Camp Site is a plain area of ​​50 acres covered with edelweiss flower fields. Even though I was extremely exhausted, I was so amazed by the beauty of nature. We spent 2 more nights there, because we ran out of stamina after hiking for 8 hours. Besides that, the view was also very beautiful to miss.

Credits: spidey27

After we gained our stamina back, we went to the top of the mountain. It took one hour to the summit, and again, the view was incredible. It was such an eye candy for my analogue desire! We spent about one hour to shoot some photos and enjoyed our achievement.

Credits: spidey27

At 10.00 AM, we went downhill. We must walked another 8 hours before we reached the exit gate to ride a bus home. Finally, we got home at the middle of the night.

It was really an unforgettable moment for me and my lovely Diana F+. Mount Gede is a very nice place for you who love to hike and to camp. And when you do, bring your analogue passion with you!

Credits: spidey27

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