Come on Down to our Attic Sales Mixer


The Lomography Cameras are having a moving party in our attic! They’re of age, moving out, and looking to experience the wide wide world with their new posse! Wouldn’t you like to see the effortlessly cool LC-A+ 20th Anniversary Edition, or the rockin’ La Sardina Sapphire Serpent, on board your clique? Let’s get introduced after the jump!

Credits: life_on_mars

We’re having a meet and match mixer so that our independent cameras can spread their wings and fly off to their new home. Knowing part of our family will be befriended by any lot of you will provide the peace of mind any parent should need.

So, without further ado, let’s get this Attic Sales Mixer started!


La Sardina – Sapphire Serpent comes with a lot of luggage but each memento is part of her life story. Born in the Colorado River area, she’s a real outdoors sort of gal! A book of her grand-pappy and her homeland provides a home away from home. Flick through the glossy pages with her, you’ll be amazed at the sentiment a La Sardina photo has. Shoot the vast landscapes, night sky, and trails you’ll travel together, and share your adventure with us, won’t you?

Credits: russheath & ceduxi0n


Her brother the La Sardina & Flash – Orinoco Ochre is a regular Indiana Jones. No shot is too risky. No film is ever wasted. Develop the rolls you and your new partner in crime shoot together and be amazed!

Credits: lakandula


The LC-A+ 20th Anniversary Edition is this year’s top debutant. Born in Vienna, and debuted at one of the world renowned balls, this gem isn’t atypical. A rock star at heart, she chucked her dazzling gown for some fine rocker treads. This retro diva, in her crocodile-pattern stamped leather suit, will be a great addition to your 5-piece band!

Credits: fotoglove


Diana Edelweiss longs to go to Salzburg after his stint as an overworked schoolboy at some of the toughest prep schools this world has known. Share your secrets, travel desires, and set foot! Once your Diana Edelweiss package has arrived, Mr. Edelweiss will already have one stamp in his passport. Time you caught up! Snap the world together!

Credits: masha_njam

Our Mixer’s sponsor, Lomography Airlines, is offering discounted plane tickets to these brave cameras, en route to their life’s adventure! How awesome!

Checkout the reduced Attic 'air' Sale prices of the dudes and gals above, as well as all the other fabulous cameras at our mixer, on our bookings page now, then stick on a Attic Sale luggage tag and you’re ready to checkout!

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