Long Exposure Tips: Things I Usually Do in the Night With My Camera


Golden Rule #2 – Use it any time – day and night. So let’s apply it. Especially in the night. Let see, things I usually do in the night with my camera…

There’s plenty of things we can explore from analog cameras in the night, you can take a picture of light from a building, moving light from cars or motorcycles, and also take a picture of fireworks. But some people do not believe you can take pictures in the night. Actually, it’s just about how to take it. We can use long exposure. So This is what I usually do:

Credits: arydwiaji

1. Switch your camera to Bulb Mode

use this to hold your bulb mode as long as you want

Bulb mode is mode that allows your camera to open the shutter as long as you want by pushing the shutter button. It is usually symbolized with “B” on your camera. You can use the little thing that hangs on your Diana, or use a cable release like the Diana Cable Release,

2. Using low ISO film and using Pinhole mode or the smallest aperture

I usually use film ISO 100-200 like Kodak Colorplus 200, or Konica Minolta Centuria 200. and use sunny or pin hole mode of my Diana. the longest time you need the lowest ISO, and the smallest aperture.

3. Make your camera stay stable

Not stable long exposure

To make a good photo of long exposure you must keep your camera stable. Find something to place your camera that is stable for long time. or you can use tripod like Large Flex Tripod.

Those are what I usually do when I do long exposures, are you ready to use camera on the night?

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  1. arydwiaji
    arydwiaji ·

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  2. marianghela
    marianghela ·

    I am actually making experiments with long exposures, and this article is very usefull. I've had great results also with 400 iso b/w film. I'll upload soon the photos on my page. Bye!

  3. arydwiaji
    arydwiaji ·

    @marianghela I'm happy knowing my article can help someone.. Show me if you already upload it..

  4. segata
    segata ·

    Thanks for the tips, I plan to try this out with a Zorki 4 on a motorway bridge

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