Clever Mixed Media Art by Shintaro Ohata


It’s a given that mixed media art can and will make heads turn, but this particular collection of artworks by Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata will keep you staring in amazement. Read on to find out why!

Looking at the photos above, it may appear that the works of Hiroshima-born Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata are beautifully detailed paintings, but wait — you’re not looking at the full picture yet.

The second set of photos finally reveal what the wonderful artworks really are: mixed media pieces combining 2D and 3D. A pixelated painting serves as a moody background while the polygonal-like sculpture adds depth and serves as the centerpiece that completes each artwork. The effect, of course, is best seen at the front, but to me, the other angles only highlight how cleverly done each artwork is. I bet the photos above don’t do Ohata’s works justice, so if you ever get the chance to see his works in actual, I’d say go for it and let me know if it’s indeed 1000x better.

Are you as amazed as I am with Shintaro Ohata’s mixed media masterpieces? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Lost at E Minor and Shintaro Ohata's Profile on Yukari Art.

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