Long Exposure Tips For Shooting Portraits With Holga


I love using my Holga to shoot long exposure portraits because it gives very dreamy and mysterious results. Many might think it is hard, but it is actually very easy and fun!

You will need:

1. A Holga(any model that has bulb mode will do)
2. A roll of 120 film
3. A tripod(unless your hands are steady enough)
4. Natural light source or a torchlight
5. A DSLR to check exposure
6. A good model

Firstly, load a roll of 120 film into your Holga(A roll of black-and-white film if you want your pictures to look more mysterious) and set it to bulb mode. Then, mount it on a tripod or you can just hold it yourself if you think that your hands are sturdy enough. Ask your model to sit beside a window for the natural lighting and check the exposure using a DSLR. Press the shutter release and hold it for as long as it will be properly exposed.

Credits: tomkiddo

If you are shooting a black-and-white film, try to light your subject with a torchlight for it will make the pictures look creepier and more mysterious. I have done this and the pictures turned out awesome!

Credits: tomkiddo

You do not have to worry about the pictures turning out shaky or blurry. Sometimes, the shakiness will only make your Holga shots even more dreamier. Embrace the flaws of the Holga, let the light leak into your Holga and let your pictures underexpose a little bit. You will be amazed by the results!

Happy trying and good luck!

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    awesome photos ;D

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    this is AWESOMEEEEE!

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    @dermanu oh haha that's because i used a dslr to check the exposure with its built in light meter

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