An Enlightening Journey With Cut-Out Shapes

2013-01-24 1

Japanese Indie Folk Musician Shugo Tokumaru likes to use a variety of non-traditional instruments in his recordings such as in “Katachi”, which means shape. After the jump, experience the non-traditional music video and how the song’s title served as inspiration for the piece…

Absolutely a “feel good” music video, right from the melody down to the 2,000+ silhouettes. Animators Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski used PVC plates for the colorful cutouts, positioned them on the ground in the simple but memorable sequence, and photographed them one by one to achieve the “wave” effect.

he song is from the newly released album In Focus? which debuted 22 January.

Information for this article was taken from booooooom.

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