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My Analogue Bucket List 2013: Let the Analogue Continue


My 2012 ended with a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to a special 2013. I didn’t finish some of my plans in 2012, now I want to achieve it in 2013.

Credits: guitarleo

I start a new year with a lot of new goals. Maybe I can’t achieve every single goal in 2013, but at least I got my plan to get it done. I made my mind clear to achieve something with analogue. I left something that I didn’t achieve in 2012, so I will continue in 2013 and achieve it with some new goals in 2013.

Taking portraits

I’m a shy guy; I seldom take portraits because I am shy to ask strangers to let me take a photo of them. I would like to take photos with different faces and different expression. I will start with family and friends. I should not be shy, and I should start asking with my charming smile.

Credits: fayeusokoi, falsedigital, bccbarbosa & i_am_four-eyes

Shooting with new film

I bought few new films last year, but those films still in my drawer. I should load in to my camera and start shooting with it. I got Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip which I still have not yet tried.

Credits: reiga, dannyedwards & hodachrome

Shooting with 120 format

I got 2 new medium format cameras last year: Lubitel 166+ and Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter. So far, I only shot one roll of film with each camera. In 2013, I will explore more with two of these cameras.

Credits: warning, jennson, ccwu & dreamseller

Shooting more with splitzer

I do have a splitzer, but I didn’t fully utilize it. Most of the time, I just left the splitzer at home. I should try out more frequent with splitzer, especially I saw some great splitzer photos in lomography.

Credits: hodachrome, domyblue, renaishashin & lawypop

Exploring double or triple exposures

I do like double exposure. I tried with this technique, but so far I can’t the correct one. I got some idea with double exposure, and I understand how it works. So I will try again this year. I want to finish my double exposure project with Fuji Natura Classica which I didn’t achieve last year. Stay tuned!

Credits: hodachrome, ccwu & emkei

Here is something that I want to do in 2013. I want to achieve it this year. How about you?

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