My 2013 Analogue Bucket List: 7 Things I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed For


My 2012 has been hands down an amazing year of shooting film. As I wipe my slate clean for another series of analogue adventures, let me share with you what I’m hoping to cross off my list this 2013.

Credits: ponzi

1. To give all my cameras the same tender loving care and attention

I’ve acquired several cameras during the past year over such a short span of time (my beloved Sprocket Rocket and LC-A+ Russia Day to name a few!) that I hardly had enough time to actually use and play with every single one of them on a regular basis. Whenever I got a new one, I tend to neglect my older cameras and eventually began to play favorites. I thought of having a “camera of the month” project so I can maximize and learn how to use of all of them well.

2. Get crazier

When I look through my photos, the word conventional is the adjective that comes to my mind. I’m not very experimental and playful behind the camera. I tend to stick to the rules and capture subjects as most people would see them. This 2013, I’m taking the leash off my imagination and letting it run wild through the photographs I take. I’d like to try to do more lightpainting, use props/costumes and create outrageous multiple exposures too.

Here are some photos from the community by kylethefrench, bloomchen, and hodachrome that I absolutely love!

Credits: kylethefrench, bloomchen & hodachrome

3. Do doubles with lomographers from the other side of the planet.

Doing doubles is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in this community. I’ve been privileged enough to do some with icuresick, boobert, stitch, jaszee and abigail0605. I got a couple more to do which I am very excited about and hopefully I can do more within the next months to come!

Here are some of our doubles!

Credits: ponzi, boobert, jaszee & abigail0605

4. Write more articles for the Lomography magazine.

I used to be so fond of sharing my thoughts in writing but somewhere along the way I lost that drive. Its been about 3 years since I’ve joined the community and I’ve only written one article which was only late last year. So, I’ve decided to let that little voice in my head do some more talking, analogue style!

5. Take my LC-A+ or Fisheye 2 underwater!

What better way to document your summer than to take awesome lomographs under the sea or in the pool! I’ll surely get myself either a Krab or a Fisheye Submarine underwater housing for my next vacation.

6. I’m going to get that Lubitel

Since I’ve finally got my hands on my very own LC-A+ mid last year (hurray), the next one on my list is the Lubitel. I’m so envious of the breathtaking photos that I see in the community using this camera and I’m dying to get my hands on one. Hopefully, I can earn enough piggies and moolah to make this dream come true.

Credits: ponzi

7. Turn someone into a LOMOGRAPHER

I shoot mainly because its my happy pill. It’s my form of therapy. Looking through the viewfinder lets me enter and see an alternate reality that is made beautiful on film. If someone appreciates the photos I take, then I consider that a bonus. If they don’t, then its all good and it stops there. But what I would want this year is to truly inspire someone. For that person to find that same longing to create his/her own world by looking through a film camera like the people in this community do, and later on to be able to share that passion to others as well.

That’s quite a short list right there. I have a feeling its going to take quite a lot of work to try to make them happen though, but it’s pretty much worth the sweat. What’s on your list? Let’s hope we all get them done before this year ends!

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