Long Exposure: Be fast as LC-A+ can

2013-01-28 3

Too early to sleep and my favorite series don’t show tonight. Go outside for shooting at night is another good option! Let’s take long exposures, fellows. Clothes up, load film, and night walking!

Honestly, I’m always in love with the beautiful mysterious things at night and love to remembrance of awesome scenes past with my LC-A+. The night timing is what we want for long exposure.

Credits: 134340

Here, I’d love to share some of my easily do long exposure tips. A very simply ways as following,

1. Check your battery on camera every time (well, you know this tip, next to 2.)
2. Load films (any films from your stock, just random pick!)
3. Tripod and cable release are unnecessary. It would be better if you use them but I’m being with the rule “be fast”. Some situation you feel inconvenience for setting them and the best moment left you behind. That’s what really hurt. So, think about “be fast”
4. Deeply breathe in and out and find something stable like bench, bridge, chair, head or knees.
5. Shoot, shoot and shoot

My “be fast” results

Credits: 134340

On the road, stuck with traffic jam was acceptable. Just jumping off the cars and shoot the lights

Credits: 134340

Kneel and put the camera on my knee with no viewfinder. Plus, fences help me a lot.

Credits: 134340

Concert shots, the most challenge for music lomo-lovers. It’s kinda hard to immovable among many people. Go to front of stage as much as you can. Focus on scene, sing favorite songs and click (pause yourself for 4-5 sec). A little bit blurry makes great shots.

Night photography is a must for the bad Lomo-kiddos who don’t want to early sleep. I’d love to remind you of the fun rule “Be fast” with the best weapon, LC-A+. You need to stay stable every shooting if you don’t want too blurry shots then enjoy the night. Also, bring her back home before curfew. Time to sleep, Goodnight!

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    Great !!!

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    @hhjm ขอบคุณค่ะพี่จี๊ด :D

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