Analogue Bucket List for 2013: Oh, the Places I'll Go (Part 3)

2013-01-30 4

You’ve seen and learned about my fondness for lighthouses and longing for some relaxing beach time in the first two articles for this three-part wanderlust-driven bucket list. In this last installment, let me tell you about the countries I wish to visit this year…because I can dream, right?

Hello there, neighbors!

Writing this last installment, I feel that I may be shooting the moon for even wishing to visit other countries this year. I may not get as lucky as I did last year, having two overseas trips that were only apart by 7 months. I don’t know if I can trump that, but, assuming the travel gods are reading this post, I hope I can get to visit some beautiful spots in these neighboring countries:

Credits: buckshot & hodachrome


I’ve always wanted to visit Vietnam for no other particular reason than to experience their culture, taste their food, take a look at some of their historical sites, and maybe even have a bit of interaction with some friendly locals. Colonized by France in the late 1880s and consequently became part of what was called French Indochina, the country’s history and culture is an interesting East-West mix. That alone (okay, and the promise of tasting their delicious noodle dishes as well), is enough to get me to save for a trip, but the photos of buckshot and hodachrome nailed it for me.

That’s it, if I’m going out of the country this year, it has to be Vietnam first.

Credits: meih, wennyfoo, tattso, freyfrey & nicx


Actually, the first overseas trip for this year is a difficult choice for me between Vietnam and its next door neighbor, Cambodia. I’ve always wanted to visit its intriguing historical landmark, the Angkor Wat, which is also hailed as the world’s largest religious monument. It’s an architectural masterpiece built in the early 12th century as the state temple and mausoleum of Tamil king Suryavarman II. Before I start sounding like a boring history geek to you, I better shut myself up and just say I’ve always been fascinated — as a Tomb Raider/Lara Croft Fan.

Credits: sobetion, jezzyjung, nebulasixty, yokekei, denisesanjose, shind & ling88


Last but not the least (because I don’t think I can push my luck beyond three neighboring countries) is another next door neighbor of Vietnam and Cambodia: none other than the Kingdom of Thailand. Another Asian nation with a fascinating history and culture (and delicious food, before I forget to say again), the country formerly known as Siam boasts of majestic temples, relics of ancient cities and kingdoms, budget-friendly shopping centers, and beautiful beaches. Specifically, I’ve been eyeing Bangkok, the capital city, but who knows if I’ll get to be lucky enough to visit other spots as well!

That’s it for my mini-Indochina travel bucket list! How about you, my fellow analogue travelers, do you have specific places you want to visit and photograph this year? Or maybe you have some tips for me? Tell me about them with a comment below!

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Thanks for using my shots of Vietnam! I really hope you get to go there - it truly is a stunning place. Bon voyage, my friend! :-)

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Oh hello, @buckshot, sorry I haven't thanked you yet as well for your beautiful photos! Thank you too, @hodachrome, @meih, @wennyfoo, @tattso, @freyfrey, @nicx, @sobetion, @jezzyjung, @nebulasixty, @yokekei, @denisesanjose, @shind, and @ling88 for your lovely snaps as well! They have been super inspiring for me as I was writing this post! <3

  3. jezzyjung
    jezzyjung ·

    Thank you so much for chose my picture :)

  4. shind
    shind ·

    Thank you for choosing my picture! :)

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