Sensing the Analogue in 2013: New Year's Resolutions and the Diana F+

2013-01-31 4

After a chance encounter in a gift shop, an analogue noob from England resolves to experience the world as intensely as he can…

British Museum, London

I don’t believe in resolutions. I’ve always been more of an adapt and flow kind of guy. The kind of guy who wanders into the Tate Modern gift shop on January 4th 2013 and buys a Diana F+ (though, as it happens, without flash) despite having little money and no particularly strong drive to go analogue. What can I say? Something about it’s clunky plasticity spoke to me, and the idea of square photographs seemed somehow appealing too. In the age of the digital widescreen, I found myself drawn to the analogue miniature.

Watermead, Leicester (UK)

I found that I had to take the camera everywhere, and that everyone I met had to know more about it. Is it real? Can we take a picture? Can we see it? Amazing how quickly we have forgotten the sensation of not seeing a photograph as soon as we take it, of waiting for the results to be revealed. I write this ten days and three rolls of film after buying the camera. I have yet to see the results.

The pictures you can see here arrived after I wrote this. They are my first experiments with 120 film, and the first analogue photographs I have taken since I was 18.

I have no idea what I was trying to shoot there…
A building I like near The Golden Mile, Leicester. Would have liked to get more of it in shot

So I don’t like resolutions, they smack of pre-planning, and lack spontaneity. But some can be general enough to be useful, and in that spirit: I resolve to look at the world more closely, and experience it more deeply. The joy of walking with a camera brings us more awareness of the sights around us, but I will try to heighten my other senses in a similar way. To become deeply aware and in the moment, so that a photograph can unlock all the sense-memories of a particular time, not just the visual. So I will carry my Diana with me, to help me see the world. And in seeing the world, I will try to taste and touch and smell and hear it as intensely as I can, as well.

A junction late at night, holding the shutter open

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  1. placidcasua1
    placidcasua1 ·

    Great to see Leicester on Lomography. Welcome the Leicester Lo-Fi Photography Allstars!

  2. mililei
    mililei ·

    nice work!

  3. samgrinsell
    samgrinsell ·

    Thanks @placidcasual1 was good to meet you yesterday :)

  4. samgrinsell
    samgrinsell ·

    @mililei thank you :)

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