Destroy your Film with a Dash of Whiskey

2013-01-29 7

Being new to Lomography, one of the things that really interested me was film destroying. A splash of whiskey and a roll of film later and I have some quite funky photos…

I am fairly new to the concept of Lomography, and one thing that stood out most of all was film destroying. I’m not sure whether it was the unexpected results, the change in colour, or just having an excuse to buy some strong alcohol but I felt a sudden need to try this.

Seeing as I had an abundance of Kodak Max 400 lying about, this was my film of choice, and as I had a bottle of Whyte & McKay whiskey in the cupboard this was my “destroyer” of choice.

Firstly, pop the lid of the pot with the film in and, while the film is still in the pot, fill half way with whiskey, then top up with water.

I left mine for about 10 minutes to soak but you can leave it for as long as you like.

Once the time was up, I washed it thoroughly with cold water, although the smell of whiskey never completely disappeared, even when dry.

Once it was dry, after about 3 days on the window sill, I popped it in my Samsung Fino 130 I found on eBay for £3.

As you can see, I ended up with some nice colours coming through.

I even tried it at night and had some nice results….


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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Nice experiment.

  2. jazz_cafe
    jazz_cafe ·

    Thanks! My first article so I'm quite pleased people like it.

  3. monkeydance
    monkeydance ·

    would this work on black and white film ?

  4. jazz_cafe
    jazz_cafe ·

    It should do but you won't have the colours.

  5. 0monique
    0monique ·

    Whiskey & Film, best combo ever!

  6. redemption
    redemption ·

    Great article. Thinking of doing this, possibly try it without diluting the whiskey.

  7. jazz_cafe
    jazz_cafe ·

    @redemption Thanks a lot :) Yeah that would probably give better results. You'll have to upload the pics if you try it.

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