Film Destroying With Lemonade


After seeing some very wild effects of film destroying with chemicals, drinks, etc, I thought I’d give it a bash. Lets just say I was slightly disappointed…

I had seen a tipster a while back about someone destroying film with various liquids to create some very cool colours. Ever inquisitive, i thought I’d try my hand at destroying some film of my own.

Checking what liquids I had readily available, I decided to go with lemonade. Looking back, I really should have heated it up as this seems to be the main catalyst for these psychedelic colours.

First off, find a film to be destroyed. I chose one of my many rolls of Kodak Max 400 that I have lying around.

Then, simply take the lid off the pot that the comes in and fill with lemonade. I left mine for about an hour in the lemonade but you can leave yours as long as you want.

Afterwards, wash thoroughly with cold water, otherwise it becomes sticky and wont wind on properly, and can make a mess inside your camera.

I left mine on a radiator to dry out for about a day and then it was ready, so I popped it in my Vivitar UW&S and off I went…

As you can see, I didn’t really end up with the psychedelic colours I was hoping for. This might be the fact the lemonade was cold, or that the film wasn’t left in it for long enough.

The main effects were small black dots that I’m guessing were created by the bubbles, and the odd bit of colour change in some of the corners.

I hope this helps, even if it’s just to tell you what NOT to do if looking for crazy colours and effects on your photos…

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