Woca 120G

2013-01-30 1

In this review I want to present you my recent camera purchase, the WOCA 120G. It’s a camera from the Holga-family and comparable with the Holga 120S.

The Woca 120G is a medium format camera and except a glass lens it is the same as the Holga 120S. You can choose between the settings “cloudy” and “sunny” and four different distance settings. The shutter speed is about 1/100sec. What I miss is the Bulb-mode. You can expose the film with the regular format 6cm x 6cm, or with a mask in 4,5cm x 6cm.

The very first film I exposed with this camera was the Kodak Ektachrome 64 (self-developed). In the photos you can see the typical Holga-vignetting:

Credits: brommi

Because of the low ISO speed of the film I made mainly multiple exposures. A typical feature of the Holga cameras is the Leaking and the resulting light-leaks. These light-leaks were also one reason why I bought this and I won’t do anything about the leaking, such as the camera sealed with adhesive tape. The light-leaks belong to the camera and is brand recognition.

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