Scanning Tips for 110 Films with 35mm Mask

2013-01-31 1

Scanning 110 film isn’t easy without the Digitaliza 110. It’s such a small film with very tiny gaps between two pictures. This is how I scanned them with a regular 35mm scanning mask.

I haven’t started yet with shooting 110 film, but my sister has. And since I have the possibility to scan my pictures at school, I scan hers too. But at school they don’t own a 110 scanning mask, so I had to improvise.

If you have a look at your 110 film you can see there is not much space between two photos. So the biggest issue when scanning 110 film with a regular 35mm scanning mask is that this space is to small and they don’t stay steady or you lose a part of the picture.

I have a quick solution; you only need some tape and scissors. The remainder of a 35mm film is much bigger, therefore they stay easily in the mask. To do the same for the 110 film I just took a piece of tape en folded it around the edges of the film. Now you have this much bigger piece to pinch between the holder.

It’s an easy way to scan with a regular scanning mask if you don’t have the 110 version yet. Here some results!

Credits: xgitte

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