Super Sprocket


This is about the wonders of sprocket holes of Fuji Superia film.

First time I started in this field (photography), I was amazed with the colors of the sprockets in this film. Overall this film gives a bit distorting tone which turns skin color more reddish than normal skin color. But if it used at night or indoor photography with flash, it gives a right tone for your skin.

End with tone and now I’m gonna talk about the sprocket. I think Fuji’s have the most beautiful sprockets. It has 3 colors that are red, green and mostly yellow. Thanks to my beloved Blackbird Fly camera because it allows me to expose the film’s sprocket holes.

These are examples of the daylight photography:

These are examples of indoor with flash:

written by caribe93 on 2013-01-29 #gear #review #blackbird-fly #superia-200

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