Missing Rumble Announcement Completion Project: November Update


The LomoStaff is hard at work in completing the Rumble announcements – no excuse on our part but we’re as happy as you are that we’re getting a lot of these announcements out! Check out which are coming out soon, and which ones to watch out for!

photo by taringkelinci

Embassy/Gallery Jury/Collaboration Rumbles
These are the rumbles that will be announced by their respective Gallery/Embassy store representatives.
Trekking by in Warm Brazil
Get Your Body Movin' (Korea)
Lomography Goes Hollywood
Shoot Like a 25 Year Old LomoWall Rumble
Berlin City Rumble - Just Another Pic in the Wall

Pending Announcements
These are the Rumbles with pending announcements due to finalization of winners’ lists and selections.
Revisit The Eight-Eyed Camera Wonder for the Grand Multilens Rumble!
Pump Adrenaline and Move with the Actionsampler
The Pop9 MultiLens Rumble Reopens!
Four-Way Flash Away with the Actionsampler Flash on the Grand Multilens Rumble!
The Queen of the Multi Lensed Cameras Returns for the Grand Multilens Rumble
The SamplerStory: Submit your Multilens Camera Story for our Grand Multilens Book!
Oktomat, Anyone?

Coming Soon
The Great Lomo LC-A Race Missions/Locations Stage 6
Full Circle - Lomography x Freestyle Magazine Competition
Eastpak I Love Life Competitions
Halloween Trick or Click
It's a Lomo LC-A Match!
In Memoriam: Irving Penn

Recently Announced
Photo Tagging Challenge
Fiery Tale of a Comet
Tag Your Titles
A Terrific Triangular
This Time Can You Hear a Meow
Tag Rumble - Spooky Halloween
Tag Rumble - I Want To Ride My...
Wish and Win Rumble Series
Be Aware of Cavities
Hospitable Hospitals
AGFA Silvertone Extended Rumble
Lomomission 58: A Night to Unwind

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and we’ll look into it for you!

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  1. monoflow
    monoflow ·

    YES! you missed out the vintage russian camera rumble and that one was a rumble back from summer! i remember posting photo's up from my smena and some people asked if they could upload their lubitel photos

  2. monoflow
    monoflow ·

    this one


    i dont think i ever saw the winners of this rumble

  3. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    how about "my first day at..." or did i look over the announcement?

  4. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    Did I miss the "It's Nice That" week 3 winner announcements?

  5. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    what about that one about the actionsampler almost 2 years ago, when we had to send pictures on 5 different days?

  6. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    How about Lubitel Lightpainting Rumble ?????

  7. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    @monoflow: sorry for that...we had the winners' announcement but can't find it
    @dirklancer: I believe this is under the US office
    @paper_doll: I'll have to check as I believe we haven't announced any from the multilens rumbles.
    @hhjm: noted!

  8. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    @hhjm there is a new lightpainting-gallery on lubitel microsite! :D www.lomography.com/lubitel

    BUT why is there no access to eastpak-microsite anymore?

  9. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    there was a street art rumble a while ago... a bigger one in combination with a magazine.....

  10. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    hmm @ mephisto19 I think we announced the street art one, can't recall the announcement url though

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