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Approaching an object as close as possible is the main purpose for Lomographyers because of how much nicer a photo turns out the closer we take it. However, mostly, there are lots of children who don’t know what Lomography is, even what photography is, so it is hard to explain why we keep the camera right in their faces when we want to take their photos closely. I have found some methods to get this situation easier. :)

I think children are one of the best subjects for photos due to their cuteness and also their spontaneity. Nevertheless, when I bring out my camera and want to take their photos, their attention shifts to another direction because of my camera or they are afraid of the lens and run away. Taking children’s photos with small, colorful, and cute cameras is the easiest way. It is natural that children fear or escape when we keep the huge Lubitel right in their faces but how can they say no to multicolored La Sardina or Fisheye 110 which is smaller than them?

Credits: ruyatuna

I think the natural state of a child is the most beautiful thing so taking their photos without posing when they are busy with their games is much more easier for both the photographer and children. You can’t find anywhere the expression on their faces as playing the game, and during the game they don’t care about taking photos. They don’t even care if the world is about to fall down.

Credits: ruyatuna

They can overcome their biggest fears when they are with their family. Therefore, don’t be afraid of taking their photo with their parents! Maybe an extra person will be in your photo but the love which is in your photo, isn’t it worth it?

Credits: ruyatuna

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