5 Questions On Analogue Photography with Caroline Keî


Caroline is our new guest in the section, “5 Questions On Analogue Photography!” Let’s discover through this article her photographs and feelings regarding analog photography!

Hi Caroline! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Caroline, I am a photographer and videographer. I come from the suburbs of Paris but I have lived for a year and a half in Connemara in the west of Ireland. Living there makes me very happy, I love long walks in nature with my cameras.

We can see on your blog that you uses a big variety of cameras. Do you have a favorite one and a favourite film?

Yes, it’s true that I like experimenting and having a change of cameras. My favorite camera and the one I use the most is the Lomo LC-A. I can keep it in my pocket. It gives precision, creates very good quality pictures and it’s quick to trigger because it’s automatic. My favorite photographic film is the Agfa CT Precisa cross-processed, it gives a beautiful contrasted blue.

The themes of dreams and travelling are recurrent in your photographic and video works: what are your inspirational sources to transcribe these universes?

I’ve always been a dreamer so when I started photography and videography, I searched to transcribe this imaginary world. I find my inspiration by escaping for a day or more somewhere I’ve never been before, I like taking the train for an unknown destination, wandering and losing myself with my cameras. Nature and big spaces, the sky, the mountains and the sea are great sources of inspiration.

Do you have a photographic technique that you would like to share with us?

I love using multiple exposures, it gives an unreal effect to the picture.

For how long do you think you gonna do analog photography?*

As long as I can get the films and develop them, I hope forever!

Thanks to Caroline for answering our questions!

You can follow her work on her blog to see her last pictures!

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