Survivor Castaway Luxury Item: Disposable Camera


Making a game out of being marooned on an exotic island with a bunch of strangers certainly makes for interesting television, but what goes on when reality TV cameras aren’t rolling? “Survivor: One World” winner Kim Spradlin shows us what island life is like through the lens of her “luxury” item: a disposable film camera!

Photos by Kim Spradlin

As far as reality TV shows go, _Survivor_ has got to be the realest one out there. When you’re isolated in harsh outlandish locations for over a month, building your own shelter, hunting and foraging for your own food, and competing with and among random tribesmen, the $1,000,000 prize money becomes the least of your worries as you literally fight to live another day.

Photos by Kim Spradlin

There’s allegiances and backstabbing, physical and mental challenges, “Immunity Idols” and injuries, but there’s also beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife, and a ton of prizes for the “Sole Survivor.” While the action-packed and drama-filled show seems cut-throat, participants usually walk away with some kind of appreciation for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Previously, contestants were allowed to bring one luxury item with them and while they weren’t allowed to by the 24th season, Survior: One World winner Kim Spradlin was still able to shoot with her disposable film camera after production filming ended.

Photos by Kim Spradlin

The photos show Kim with the 11 “Tikiano” tribe members—former teammates who eventually became opponents who eventually became jury members and decided on the winner—on their last day in Samoa in the South Pacific. A strong, strategic and likeable player from the beginning, Kim managed to maintain good relationships within her tribe while single-handedly slaying the competition.

The show’s 26th season, _Survivor:_ _Caramoan — Fans vs Favorites_, premieres tonight (shot in my country, the Philippines!) and I can’t wait to see who will outwit, outplay, and outlast this time. What luxury item would you bring on a desert island?

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