Bad Postcards: Vintage Postcards Like You've Never Seen Them Before

2013-01-29 2

In my quest to find all sorts of wonders related to postcards and deltiology (postcard collecting), I came across this interesting Tumblr blog which showcases an interesting collection of vintage postcards of the bizarre and kitschy kind. If you share this love for postcards with me, take a look at some of my bad postcard finds after the jump!

A number of my previous articles placed the spotlight on some interesting vintage postcards, whether for occasions like Christmas and Halloween, or just simply awesome like those sent by famous authors and those showing the year 2000 as perceived a century ago. Now, I am adding to my roster of favorite postcard blogs the rather unusual collection showcased in Bad Postcards Tumblr blog.

Caption in the post reads: “JUMPING JACKALOPE. The Jackalope, especially famous in Wyoming and Colorado, is an oddity of the great western states and a fine example of western humor.” via Bad Postcards

“Early postcards have fascinated me since I was very young. Each image you see here is the scan of a card from my personal collection,” tells the postcard lover behind the blog, who simply identified him/herself as Lon. “I began collecting these cards during the same years I became obsessed with Theatre of the Absurd and Monty Python, so that at least partly explains my enthusiasm for such bizarre and kitschy images.”

As we all come to learn later in life, bad can sometimes be good, and perhaps in Lon’s collection, you will even find some of the best postcards of the worst.

Aside from being a goldmine of amusing American postcards from 1950 to 1975, I also love this blog because it holds regular caption contests. It’s an exciting challenge where postcard lovers from all over cyberspace outwit each other and come up with clever captions for a specified postcard. The winner gets to pick an original vintage postcard from the list provided by Lon in the contest post. Lovely.

Now, let me leave you with a gallery of goodies from the blog, just to give you an idea how good the bad ones can be. Nothing like a bad postcard to brighten your day!

Images via Bad Postcards

So, my comrades in the love for vintage postcards, what can you say about the blog and its collection? Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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