F Yeah, Manuscripts!: A Literary and Historical Treasure Trove


A visual treat for all the literary buffs out there.

Long before the era of QWERTY, backspace, copy, and paste, people wrote down their thoughts and stories on paper. Depending on its nature, sometimes the pages span by the dozen, and include the author’s corrections and side notes.

But that is not to say that they can’t be bite-sized too – little snippets of a plot written on a napkin, or perhaps an envelope.

Whichever it is, you can be sure to find an example in the Tumblr blog, Fuck Yeah, Manuscripts! Despite the name, the blog is a fascinating showcase of snapshots and scans of historic, and sometimes more than familiar, manuscripts through the centuries.

Here are a couple of our favorites.

Jane Austen’s original manuscript of Persuasion, with rewritings. Image via fuckyeahmanuscripts
Manuscript page from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, 12 Oct 1864. Image via fuckyeahmanuscripts

What do you guys think?

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