My Analogue Resolution: A Better Lifestyle

2013-01-29 5

As an art student, I have a big problem, and I think all of the “art people” out there may have the same problem as mine: We have a tendency to be lazy and to wait for the feeling of creativity to come at us first. So, here’s my analogue resolution: let’s see if I can fix this problem, at least for myself first!

Oh, I love my life. My hobby is sleeping, or sitting on the couch, while playing games on my mobile phone. Sometimes, I watch DVD on the computer while eating chips. And when my work’s deadline comes near, I stay calm, until it’s only a few hours left. I put on my serious mode, do my work as fast as possible, all while complaining why there’s only 24 hours a day, and still, while eating chips.

Help me! I have to escape from this evil cycle!

Credits: bebopbebop

Luckily, we always know how to help ourselves. But why is it so hard to get out from the comfort zone?

So, these are my analogue resolutions:

1. Sleep early, wake up early.

There are a bunch of very successful people who get up early, including the CEO of Starbucks, the CEO of Disney, and George W. Bush. Even Benjamin Franklin is credited with the saying that perhaps started this whole trend in the first place: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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2. Do not delay your job.

This is cliché, but it’s true! It may sounds nerdy, but it works! Being diligent always brings success to life.

Credits: bebopbebop

3. Stop complaining.

Complaining doesn’t resolve a situation, and deep down, it doesn’t provide much satisfaction. Next time you find yourself complaining, take a breath and switch your focus to something worth your focus.

Credits: bebopbebop

4. Get outside.

The average person spends about 90% of their times indoors. Staying indoors for too long can leave you bored, not to mention unhealthy. Fresh air, sunshine, and natural scenery provide peace, relaxation, greater psychological resilience, and stimulation of all your senses. And don’t forget to bring your lomography camera with you!

Credits: bebopbebop

5. Have some fun.

Where do you find fun? Is it being creative, being alone, being in good company, enjoying the fresh air, laughing, going on an adventure, or perhaps trying something new? If you are able to find fun in everything in your life, trust me, the world is such a nice place to live in. And of course we find fun in Lomography! For me, the funniest camera is the Fisheye. What about you?

Credits: bebopbebop

I hope my analogue resolutions inspire you! Have a nice day my, Lomo friends !

Credits: bebopbebop

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  1. patrickhruby
    patrickhruby ·

    Great article - those are some things that we should all aspire to do.

  2. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    @patrickhruby thank you very much. (:

  3. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    ahahaha ngena banget bop artikel lo di gw, tapi masanya udah lewat harus kelarin skripsi nih gw. :Z

  4. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    @istionojr ini untuk semua mahasiswa kayanya.. -____- . semangat yog skripsi nya, segera bangun hotel !

  5. istionojr
    istionojr ·


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