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Do you remember those thick, pulpy, activity books you used to be shoved when you were a child? I loved trying to solve the mazes mainly because I could be as messy and draw as many dark lines as I wanted… I never dwelt on who created all these entertaining mazes for me however nor did I realize the enjoyment that could be found on the flip side…

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I recently watched It's Kind of a Funny Story and found myself wanting one of the imaginary city maps protagonist Craig Gilner paints. I wished I knew someone who had a hobby like Craig’s, though just as the intricate maps were figments of his imagination so too was Craig a figment of writer Ned Vizzini.

And then a perfect specimen of a map surfaces in Japan…

Image via spoon-tamago

Completed close to 30-years ago, the “maze” map you see above is the discovery of Twitter user @Kya74, and the artist? Her dad!

The maze took 7-years to finish (though how one ever knows they’re finished with pieces like these, I am not sure) and is sprawled out on an A1 sheet (33 × 23 inches).

What have you discovered in your family’s treasure trove? Share you’re interesting stories with us!

Inspiration and information for this article is taken from spoon-tamago

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