Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees


Before moving overseas, I always lived in the same post code — we never moved far from the first house I lived in which was my Nana’s house in the suburb of Tumbi Umbi in the Australian state of New South Wales. This nostalgic location looks at those images that to other people, may just look like a tree or a door, but to the person with the connection to them mean so much more.

It all started in 1958 when the Hammond family moved from the busy Sydney suburb of Pyrmont to the quiet Central Coast. By 1960, the house was built and it was among only a handful of houses in the Suburb of Tumbi Umbi.

The street ended at the house with just mud hills and trees surrounding what is now a very full street of houses. I’ve heard many stories from my mum and my nan about these times, the fruit truck that my pop sold from, the kids playing in the bush, and my nan’s tendency to burn anything that was no longer needed.

I lived in this house from the time I was born until I was five. We moved a couple of times — still within a 10 minute drive — but then moved back in when I was 12 to look after my Nan who had Alzheimer’s. Like anyone with their childhood home, I have a lot of memories and now I stay there whenever I am in Australia visiting my mum.

It is all the small things that go together which make a house a home, and it is these things that, in my opinion, send you down memory lane when you see something which reminds you of them.

Do you have any photos that you feel really represent home to you?

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