My Analogue Bucket List


Every new year, we re-examine our lives, find our failings and aim to become better. All that and running a marathon! Here is my analogue bucket list of what I want to do photography-wise this 2013!

Credits: cc-in-paris

Every year, I decide to drink less, go out less, sleep more, be more organized and run that damn marathon. Not surprisingly, I also have an analogue bucket list — a mix of aspirations and just stop being lazy. Here it is:

1. Start self-developing at home. I’m happy to report that point one done: Check!!! I got the necessary equipment: Changing bag, developing tank, thermometer, Tetenal C41 Kit, Ilford B&W solutions etc. One evening, I read pepper-b's excellent article on color processing got everything into the bath-tub and started:

Here are the first results, a bit overexposed, so I need to bring the time a little bit down:

Credits: cc-in-paris

2. Develop all these:

Scan all these too:

As mentioned above, I also got the B&W kit from Ilford; now I have to start developing B&W home too. I found this great site to get the temperature/time right. The problem with this point is that I have no monochrome films to develop, that’s why I need to…

5. shoot more monochrome.

6. I was very busy last year, not much time for all my LomoFriends. So this year, I want to give more lomo love, like more photos, check out new homes, read more analogue lifestyle features.

7. Write more articles for Lomography. I guess this makes one!

8. Make a pinhole camera. What I really, really want to do is make a pinhole camera from a can or a shoebox. I love the results, like this one from natalieerachel:

Credits: natalieerachel

But, I suppose I’ll just end up buying a Sharan or a Pinhole Blender.

9. Speaking of cameras, last year, I got a Horzion Perfekt. This year, I want to save my pennies and piggies and get an LC-Wide before the summer!

10. Having lots of fun taking tons of analogue photos! What else?!

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