Belair Bliss: Narrow Streets of Cobblestone

Do you remember the masterpiece song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel? Well, with a new, wonderful Belair City Slicker camera, “I walked alone”, as in a dream, in the “narrow streets of cobblestone”, like in this famous song!

(Like) In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone! Yes, these words of this famous song of Simon and Garfunkel quickly came in my mind when, for the first time, I walked in the narrow streets of the historical centre of my city with my Belair City Slicker camera around my neck!

Here you can read my impressions about this camera during a morning walk in the centre of Como, a town in the North of Italy, during the second week of January. The first impression is that this camera attracts many curious eyes; many people have looked at it, even in passing, although very few have inquired about it.

This is the second time I photograph with a Belair. The first time I used one owned by LGS Milan for a service that they had asked to me in December; in this occasion I wrote an article with my first impressions (I used the 6×12 format with both lenses). For this article I used the classic square format with a standard lens, the 90mm.

The film was a Fomapan 100 ISO; in this case, to have a sufficient shutter speed to shoot without tripod, I choose the F8 aperture for almost all these photos.

As you can see from the pictures above, you should never go out without having an analog camera with you! in this case, with my Belair, I have been able to document another event in my city: the feast of the local police, with an expositions of their cars in a square in the city centre!

At f8 the sharpness is not 100% sufficient for me. When I want to obtain a classic photo, I prefer a sharper camera like my Canonet QL17, my Fed, Zorki, Praktica and Lomo LC-A, or even my Lubitel cameras! But the effect is dreamy and the contrast is limited, allowing to obtain a printable negative film even in conditions of zones of deep shadows together with areas of great brightness!

The viewfinder is accurate and bright, and the shutter is precise. The exposure meter works well, so this is a very interesting camera body! I’m waiting for the new Beiairgon glass lenses; I want to try them!

Have fun with your Belair!

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