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2013-01-25 7

Have you ever made crooked photos? It happened to me with my film test with my Lubitel….but there is a solution!

I had bought a beautiful Lubitel 166B, in perfect condition despite the years!

For the first roll of film I wanted to exaggerate a bit and I took her with me at the factory one day stop.

It was very dark, but with an 800 ISO film and its versatility, the result was quite good (at least for me): the photo in effect are almost all good (9/12) and most without excessive grain.

Too bad that many of the photos are crooked!

Even while I took them I realized that it was not particularly easy in framing of the subjects because of the mirror to reality, but I never imagined so much to tilt the photos!

Look here:

Here is most evident, the picture is inclined of 30 degree!
Here, too, the same speech and the same error above photo …
Here it is less noticeable, but I assure you that the oven is not in fact so inclined.

Released the album I discussed a bit with my friends at the Lomo Baazar and found out that I am not the only one to have had this problem!

But luckily, as I said at the outset, there is a solution for everything!

In fact, my friend Ravo86 passed me a link where you can buy a object that is just for me, here it is!

Hey, looks like an ordinary level! And it is!

Yeah, a level enough to solve the problem! But how and where to put it on the camera? And here is the truchetto: this small level has a standard attack like that of flash, so as to place it firmly to your camera, look at this photo:


Well, now I have no more excuses to crooked photos! Thanks Ravo86!


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translated by _finestre_analogiche_


  1. headlock
    headlock ·

    I actually quite like the crookedness!

  2. bombuzaka
    bombuzaka ·

    @_finestre_analogiche_ grazie per la traduzione! @mneb_22 @xgitte @neanderthails @vicker313 @aexel thank you!

  3. bombuzaka
    bombuzaka ·

    and @headlock, of course!!!

  4. cmosek
    cmosek ·

    Could you pass the link where it is available to buy?

  5. bombuzaka
    bombuzaka ·

    @cmosek i've sent a message to you with the link! bye!

  6. eugenionesta
    eugenionesta ·

    Hey! Send me a message with the link to! Great idea! It doesn't happen to me but it's interesting anyway

  7. bombuzaka
    bombuzaka ·

    @eugenionesta i've sent a message to you with the link! bye!

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