Limited Time Offer: Get 35% Off Any Holga!


It’s time to be happy like a Holga! To celebrate our ultra-versatile experimental analogue friend, we have an awesome online promotion for you. For a limited time, we are offering you 35% off any Holga in the shop using the discount code HOLYHOLGA at checkout. Want to see why we are so in love with this wonderful camera? We have put together this gallery of some of the most popular and spectacular shots on the site!

Credits: ohpleasedontgo, tyler_durden, hodachrome, maximum_b, troch, atria007, kylewis, hhjm, dannyedwards, mephisto19, mylatehope, anarchy, arurin, bkspicture, shanti929, elvismartinezsmith, roberteaton, v3ml, 007-0815-styler, baijiu89, squamy, mikeydavies, jorgesato & dustbowlugly

Remember, if you want to get your hands on a Holga camera for a super price, just use the code HOLYHOLGA at checkout! There really is a Holga model to suit everyone; from 120 to 35mm, standard shooters to perfect pinhole cameras, red to green color schemes, the Jack White Stripes special edition, you’re bound to find a camera to suit your style.

written by tomas_bates on 2013-01-21 #news #offer #deal #discount #holga #35-off

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