Go on the Ultimate Lomographic Trip by Pledging for the Smartphone Film Scanner!

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They say “give and you shall receive” so why don’t you give a pledge for the Smartphone Film Scanner and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Lomography Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and the birthplace of Lomo in Moscow, Russia? Meet the people who create the objects of your passion/obsession and discover where all the analogue magic happens!

Photos by jeansman and Lomography

Surely by now you’ve heard of the awesome trips up for grabs by pledging for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner on Kickstarter. By supporting this project, you can go on an exclusive Lomographic adventure to the Lomography HQ in Vienna, Austria, plus the homeland of the Lomo LC-A+ in Moscow, Russia! Here are just some of the analogue activities in store once you hop off the plane!

Meet the founders and staff of Lomography! These are the people who come up with cool and creative camera, film, accessory, and project ideas all for your analogue shooting pleasure! They will also be your expert tour guides for the trip so you’re sure to have an excellent, educational, and engaging time! During the day, you’ll take part in fun Lomographic activities (such as scouring Viennese markets for rare films) and by night, they’ll take you partying around town! Chat them up about your passions, share your ideas, and who knows, it might be the next new project on Kickstarter!

Credits: jeansman, ginnys & onlinekiwi

What would this trip be if you don’t have your own camera to document the places you’ll go? Luckily, you will receive a brand new LC-A+ for film shooting to your heart’s content and you get to pick your own custom leather skin for it, too! The trip has barely begun and already you’ve got a sweet souvenir that’s completely unique! (Don’t forget to pick up your new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner too!)

And because of your generosity in supporting this analogue dream, you’ll get to take part in workshops and activities usually organized during the Lomography World Congress! Yep, you’ll have your own private Lomographic events where you get to create mammoth LomoWalls (like in the very first congress in Madrid 1997), take part in city challenges (like during the World Congress in London 2007, join exciting workshops and discussions, and immerse yourself in the art scene with industry pros and rising talents (just check out the first large-scale Lomography exhibit across New York and Moscow 1994)!

It’s like living through 20 years of Lomography in a week-long whirlwind journey that is the ultimate Lomographic trip!

The chance to visit the Lomographic Society International HQ in Vienna, Austria and Lomo in Moscow, Russia is an exclusive and limited offer only available via Kickstarter, so make sure to place your pledge for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner today!

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Awesome photos by @jeansman @ginnys and @onlinekiwi. Thanks, guys!

  2. ginnys
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    @denisesanjose Thanks for using my photo! ;-)

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