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2013-01-24 10

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

Credits: aido

Hi Lomographers! Many have asked me that how I do “round” spinners where the beginning and end meet. I do not know if this technique has a name but I call it “mini-world” which you will understand from the last image.

One day I found a picture taken with the Spinner 360 on the Internet. It solved my problem with vertical spinners: the photo was round and the end and the beginning were next to each other. Now forgive me, but sometimes I like people and landscapes just straight.

Before starting the tutorial, do you have Adobe Photoshop? Because for this trick you will need to have or have access to a computer where it is installed.

Let’s go stepwise:

1. First we must make sure that the image is completely straight. If not, when we are finished we may find that the landscape does not fit.
2. Then we cut the part of that image (repeated elements etc.) we want to eliminate.

3. For the filter to properly distort the image, image must be horizontal or vertical so you will have to rotate it 90 °. It is your choice which way you want to rotate.

4. For this we need a square file, so create a sketch having equal measure of width and height.

5. Now it is only a step before putting the final filter: transform the image to fill almost the entire canvas. I say almost because I like to leave a space above to make hole in the middle, but this is entirely optional.

6. Now, this filter is just magical: select Distort filter called “Polar Coordinates”.

I think it can not be easier.

Now, to explain why the name is “mini-world”: as you see in the image below, if you do it in a panoramic photo the result looks like the world of “The Little Prince”.

Credits: aido
  • And now, just experience!*

written by aido on 2013-01-24 #gear #tutorials #tipster #spinner-360 #photoshop #efectos #tutotrial #minimundo
translated by holygrail


  1. feemail
  2. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    awesome tipster! i made my first one too -

  3. alix-mansell
    alix-mansell ·

    I love this tip, I wonder what else we can do to our spinner shots.

    btw If you don't have photoshop, it's actually easier in Gimp (you don't need step 3 or 4)

  4. alix-mansell
    alix-mansell ·

    btw again The Gimp is free!

  5. andrus_n
    andrus_n ·

    Love it and gonna try out if back by my computer!

  6. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    hahaha fantastic!

  7. chourique
    chourique · not a little world :)

  8. espiadimonis
    espiadimonis ·


  9. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    great article i shall be trying this!

  10. n_aish
    n_aish ·

    Woohooo... Finally did it!

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