Introducing Lomography Peacock X-Pro 110 Film

2013-01-21 3

After years of discontinuation, you can again enjoy the vibrant effects of x-pro slide film in 110 format!

When cross-processed, the new Lomography Peacock X-Pro 110 boasts emerald hues; expect gorgeous greens and brilliant blues. When processed normally, you’ll get vivid, crystal-clear photos. Your Baby 110 Cameras will love it!

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A wide range of different 110 Lomography Films are now stocked. From B&W to Redscale with Color Negative in between, there’s no stopping these pocket emulsions from taking your 110 Camera to analogue heaven!

Still haven’t got one of those Lomography 110 Babies? These awesome cameras not only look cute and tiny, they shoot amazing photos too!

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  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    christmas comes in January! yay! :D

  2. wesco
    wesco ·

    You almost have to get a 110 camera to be able to shoot slide film nowadays, as there is hardly any slide film available for 35mm and 120 format in the shop!

  3. snoop
    snoop ·

    rest assured that we are also constantly working on new film surprises! one film at a time ;).

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