Running with a Camera: The Bucket List


There are places to hike around the United States that will offer a sublime experience. These places are either National Parks or Nature Perservers. For maximum enjoyment, go with friends.

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What about the outdoors? The camera serves as a record maker of my journey into the wild. There are two types of outdoors the beaten path where you can find your Sunday hiker and weekend warrior; and then there is the space beyond the path. With no path at all you need a camera to describe the journey that has transpired. The camera is then an instrumental tool in providing a description to a place without words; but you know that, that’s why you are a lomo person. Needless to say, these other spaces unpopulated by media and fanfare serves as a spot of solitude it’s a sort of getaway. These creeks, mountains and lakes don’t have names that get me really excited. A trip without an interruption is a sort of fort, of solitude.

I like to take long runs into the woods; for me its cheap therapy where all I have to do is run. It is this trail running that I will bring a camera. This is where I want to do trail running and would serve as a good hiking spot.

Central Park
New York, New York
Central Park has many different areas to explore such as Strawberry Fields and The Reservoir.

Indiana Dunes
Chesterton, Indiana
The Dunes are right on Lake Michigan and is only 50 miles from Chicago.

Redwood National Park
Crescent City, California
It would cool to use the red film in the redwood national park

The Badland
Interior, South Dakota
Can’t imagine another reason to go to South Dakota.

Joshua Tree
Twentynine Palms, California
Weird plants that I want to photograph

Steep Rock Nature Preserve
Washington, Connecticut
90 mins outside of New York this preserve offers multiple trails

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