The Mystical Fuji Pro 160S 120mm Review


It’s sharp and clear. It’s cool and mystical. It’s a film with great personality.

I have just started shooting on 120 format for about two weeks time. This film is my third row of film. Initially, after reading a online review, I intended to purchase its 35mm buddy, but it is so popular that every in local photography shop has no stock of this film. Eventually, I have no choice but resort to buying the 120mm.

I loaded the film with my Holga 120. Like the Diana F+, the camera was designed to take ISO 400 film in the sunny condition(I found out during a Lomography Diana F+ Workshop!), so I switched the aperture into cloudy mode all the time while taking photo with this ISO 160 beauty.

Credits: an_lai_drew

With the film’s mystic color tone and vignettes by the Holga, every photo looks immersed with a kind of mystical field. It may be caused by the semi-cloudy weather while I was exposing the film.

Credits: an_lai_drew

The film produces very sharp photos with the Holga lens. The film’s good quality also recognizes the color of the objects clearly. Look at my friend’s hair, although in the semi-cloudy situation, the dark brown highlights on her hair still could be easily observed. And the photos taken are considered very sharp and define.

Credits: an_lai_drew

Jury: Its potential is limited due to the cloudy weather and the aperture of my Holga. I might not buy this Fuji Pro 160s in 120mm but I will definitely try it with my 35mm cameras as I believe with my La Sardina or Olympus Trip 35, it could produce fantastic results!

written by an_lai_drew on 2013-01-23 #gear #review #120mm #mystic #fuji-pro-160s

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