Holiday Destination: The City of Shanghai


I won’t forget where I spent the last Christmas and New Year holiday. How can I? It’s in Shanghai, baby!

Everyone was talking about the possibility doomsday in December 2012. But in the other hand, i just couldn’t wait for it, because I already had a plan to visit my family in Shanghai at that time!

I took a flight to Shanghai from Jakarta, and of course, I didn’t forget to bring my new camera, the LC-Wide! I brought my first camera as well, my beloved La Sardina!

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Shanghai is a really beautiful city. Even though it was winter, the weather was still very nice. I stayed at my cousin’s apartment in West Nanjing Road, located in the city center.

Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district, around 6 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily. So basically, I had the best place to stay! I only had to walk a few minutes, take the subway, and get to shopping paradise!

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As a tourist, I naturally went to some of the more popular spots, from the amazing skyscrapers to the beauty of the Chinese temples and palaces.

Let’s talk about the skyscrapers first. The famous skyscrapers in Shanghai are the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower, the Jin Mao Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center. But, there is one more skyscraper. It hasn’t been finished yet, but when it’s done, it will be the second-tallest building in the world. It’s called the Shanghai Tower! Upon its completion in 2014, the building will stand approximately 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and will have 121 stories! It’s really REALLY high!

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So, now, the temples and the palaces. Because I had limited time, I only went to Jing’an Temple, Yuyuan Garden, and the ancient water town, Zhujiajiao. Each of them has its own attraction. Jing’an Temple is located in the west of Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Garden has many culinary attractions with shopping stores surround it, and Zhujiajiao is a well known tourism spot. It’s also known as Shanghai’s Venice.

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My favorite place in Shanghai is The Bund. The Bund is like a quay. You can see the landscape of Shanghai from it. I took a lot of photos there, and I also took some shots, and give it to my friend, Adi, for film-swapping.

Credits: bebopbebop

Of course, a must-visit place is The Lomography Gallery Store! I love the ambience of the store, and the shopkeeper was really kind too.

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So, that’s all I can share about my last holiday. If you have a chance to go to Shanghai, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it.

I love you, Shanghai!

Credits: bebopbebop

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    mataharinya sama beda bop disana?

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    @istionojr beda yog. lebih sipit. haha.

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    nice set of pics!!

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