Woy Woy: Another Australian Town with a Funny Name


The Woy Woy area (including Ettalong, Umina, Ocean Beach and Koolewong) is a popular holiday and retirement destination on the Central Coast around an hour and a half drive north of Sydney.

The double name is of the indigenous term apparently taken from the local Darkinjung Aboriginal people, and means ‘big lagoon’ or ‘much water’, referring to the deep tidal channel adjacent to the town centre. It was originally known as Webb’s Flat, named for James Webb, the first European settler of the Brisbane Water region in 1823, and was first explored by a party led by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1789.

Woy Woy developed rapidly as a small coastal town north of Sydney, with the construction of the northern railway in 1888. The historical and commercial core of Woy Woy is located around the railway station at the northern tip of the peninsula, while its residential districts are towards the south. Woy Woy is considered a commuter town of Sydney.

Their proximity to Sydney and beautiful scenery makes the four bodies of water that make up the Peninsula, popular with holidaymakers. The warm summer weather provides endless opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing. There are picnic and playground facilities, and a pedestrian walkway along the foreshore with a carpark, a deepwater boat ramp, and a boat hire service.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, you can easily fish for flathead, whiting, bream, and crabs. Woy Woy Bay, west of the bridge, is also good for flathead, bream, and jewfish, and for prawns at night.

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